Analysis of Spanish footwear exports in 2021

According to the information published by the Footwear Industries Federation of Spain, ”FICE” on its website, there is a remarkable recovery of Spanish footwear exports during the last financial year 2021, but without reaching yet the pre-pandemic figures of 2019.

This excellent statistical analysis by FICE clearly shows the dynamism of Spanish footwear companies that have made great efforts to keep their companies active during the pandemic and, once the fall in consumption in the main international markets has been overcome, they have started to recover their sales, not only in traditional European markets, but also in alternative markets, increasing the overall figures in all segments of quality, designs and prices.

In 2021, footwear exports reached 2,507 million euros and 150 million pairs, representing increases of 11% in value and 14% in pairs compared to 2020, a key year due to the sharp falls in consumption due to the pandemic in all the destination countries of Spanish exports.
In 2021, exports grew in all the main Spanish footwear markets except the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and Japan, with significant growth of over 20% in the United States, China, the Netherlands, Turkey, Ireland, Israel, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Compared to 2019, these data reflect a drop of 6.4% in value and 4% in volume. However, a clear recovery is taking place, but without regaining the pre-Covid19 data. With respect to 2019, these figures are still below in many markets. However, it is important to highlight growth of more than 20% compared to the data prior to the health crisis in countries such as Poland, China, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland and Israel.

The EU27 is the main buyer of Spanish footwear, as is traditional in the Spanish sector (and other European producing countries), representing 76% of total exports in volume and 68% in value. France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Poland top the list of main destinations. Exports to the EU reached 1,698.7 million euros and 113.4 million pairs, with increases of 12% in value and 16.5% in pairs.

Exports to non-EU destinations amounted to 808 million euros and 36.3 million pairs, representing 32% of the total in value and 24% in volume. These figures reflect increases of 9.5% in value and 6.3% in pairs.

The United States, our main destination outside the EU, showed a recovery of 21%.
The United Kingdom, after Brexit, is the second most important market outside the EU, with a 26% decrease, which rises to 38.5% when compared to 2019. And China, the third market outside the EU, exports increased by 30%.

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